Create Good Post for Your Blog

Most people will like good post, its all depend on what your site content is all about, if you share Picture and Video on your blog post then your post will get commented. Take a look at and All the blogger who share their picture. But sometimes people often to get stuck on what subject to post next so here i'm gonna give you an advice to create 100% pure content based on your writing skill.


  1. Your Office
  2. If you work as an assistant or journalist or an employment then you could get inspired by the situation on your office, let say you work in Journalistic company and in your office, you have an affair with your partner or your boss, then as soon as you get back home, you started to think again about what has just happened to you, then when you think the solution, you could write that on your blog.
  3. Go Outside!
  4. If you really stuck and ran out of idea to post, then the only thing to help yourself is to go outside and have some fresh air. You can do this by calling your friend and made an appointment. If you don have any friend then you can go out by yourself, go to other place where you never went before. Just enjoy yourself.
  5. Media
  6. If you don want to go outside and choose to stay at home, you can get inspired by watching TV show or Radio or Listening to music or even reading the magazine. So there is a lot of resource in your home, you just have to realize that!
  7. Site/Blog
  8. When you visiting someone else site and read what they share, did you ever thought about how can they make it?! You can get inspired from their success story and create your own too. Just try not to be shy or feel hopeless, be optimistic that you can achieve and be a better someday than those people!
  9. What Your Ability?
  10. Are you good at drawing or playing video games or web programming? Then you can create your own tutorial and share it to the people who don know about it yet. You can get this ability from your course class that you attended.

Then after you have the ideas or thought or views or opinions then the next thing is..

  1. Get paper
  2. Get Notepad or MS Word, write down your opinion, view, and thought and save it to your document.
  3. Get Screenshot
  4. If its really a necessity, you can give screenshot, you can do this either from your PC or Digital camera, take a snapshot and post on your article, simple.
  5. Ask your Family Member or friend
  6. After you create it, you can ask to your brother, sister, and friends and ask their opinions on what you're going to post. They sometimes can gives you a nice feedback. And if possible, don be too over confidence on what you have accomplished.